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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fishing Report Aug 3

Quick stop at Conesus lake with Rich.  Water temps were in the mid 70's and the fish were spread out.  I caught my first keeper bass on a Carolina rig along a weed edge.  After that first bass the gills were all over the purple lizard in 25fow all day.  The rig became unfishable.  I moved to a jigging spoon and would drop it down over big schools of fish but those turned out to be schools of gills as well.  We found a few dock fishing but nothing big. If we were in a tourney, we would have lost big time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fishing Report July 18 Cape May NJ

Took a great family vacation down to Cape May NJ for the week and was going to try and sneak a little fishing in.  Stopped at the local bait shop to find out the best rig and place to go.  The guy working have me the lowdown....dropper rig with a 4oz weight, baited with clam bellys.  I was super smart and brought a bass rod with me, so tossing that 4oz weigh might be a problem.  I asked the guy the best place to go and he said the light house at the end of the cape was the best spot.  We went down in the fog and I tossed the rig out.  I was a little worried that this was a pointless trip, especially with a 4 year old, but 2 min later, we landed a small flounder.  It was one of my more exciting fishing moments.  Me and the wife were shocked and the boy was flipping out.  Next cast and a small dogfish came in.  Jackson was thrilled we caught a baby shark!  This made our day.  We fished for about 20 more min and the rain started.  That was it for that day but a good experience for everyone.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fishing Report July 6

First ride of the year for Jackson in Crocs and Renee and we headed down to Honeoye to do a little fishing.  We saw Rich there in his boat and he said it had been slow all day.  The water was 76 and there was a ton of boats all over the place.  We fished around the ranch for a while with no luck and went around the point to Dimitri's cove. Tossed spinnerbaits, plastic worms, and the Sanko.   Renee landed one on a Sanko in 7fow and the beach was calling Jacks name, don't want to burn them out early.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fishing Report LOTW June 21-26

Fished LOTW out of Kenora at Eagle Island Outfitters for our 3rd year and fishing was different but great.  Couple new faces this year with Mike "Flip" Sanfalippo and Jason "Goose" Kota making their appearances.  Started the week out on a nervous note when Da Judge left his heart meds at the hotel.  Lucky we have a great outfitter who went back and found them. Water was high this year and in the mid 50's low 60's making our usual hump bite tough.  Starting the week out slow forced us to do some exploring for a pattern....which we never quite found.  Fish were very scattered.  We caught them all over but the bite was deeper than usual.  Larger fish seemed to be around the deep edges of humps up to 50fow.  A few spots produced fish in the 17- 30fow range around bass islands and off a couple points.  Big day however came in POW bay along the shore line in 6 fow.  Tossing a silver over black #7 shad rap, 86 bass and walleye were caught along with 3 short Muskies.  Goose and myself also found a cove where we landed 1 bass every 2min for an hour.  The only problem is that we couldn't repeat the pattern anywhere else.  The MFISTA winner, Bill "Husky Jerk" Guenther had a huge week with 2 huge Muskies, a 37 1/2 inch pike and a 25 inch lake trout caught.  He takes home the trophy for the big pike of the week.  Flip was a perch master catching 16 perch over 12 inches in up to 50fow and breaking the 200 fish mark.  Goose took it all in catching over 100 fish and learning more techniques than just a worm and bobber.  He was the good luck charm all week.  Senior tour winner was Hollywood beating Da Judge by 2 fish.  The debate is on for a name change to Johnnie Two Guns.  I (Casi) took home the trophy for the most fish, landing 257 but being teased by Muskies all weak.  I scratched the service with a 29 incher but the big ones were on Huskies line all week.  Botch was trying hard for the big girls too and lost one at the boat, had some follows, and was his usual Botchie self, bringing the least amount of luggage we have ever seen.  Da Judge was a gamer staying out late fishing hard and breaking 100 as well.  He was the winner for the big walleye of the week with a 31 inch monster at Dimitri's hole.  1152 fish total.  Over all a kick ass week.  357 day left to go until next year.   

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fishing Report June 13

Did a quick post work outing with Rich at Conesus Lake on Friday.  Water temps were 71-72 and the weeds were not at the top yet but will be there soon.  We started out at our normal spots with spinner baits but only found 1 small taker.   Moved to the next point and tossed a shaky head under a dock and pinned a 19 inch smallmouth in 2fow.  Rich found a good pattern with topwater in the shallows and landed 6 or 7 with the Zara Spook.  Docks seemed to be the best bet with Sankos and shaky head worms. Good few hours on the water.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Fishing Report June 1

Took the family to Sodus to see Mr. Gray and my dad at their cottage.  Water temps were in the mid 60's and bass were still not on their beds.  The boat traffic was crazy so we fished most of the time behind LeRoy island.  Weeds were up and we caught a few largemouth on plastics.  Rock bass were still in shallow. Jackson caught about 40 bluegill off the dock in 2fow.  Had a blast!  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fishing Report May 24

Headed out to Sodus bay with Rich, for an early trip.  Water temps were in the high 50's low 60's.  Water was stained but it didn't look like bass were bedded up yet.   Bite was tough but we caught a few on Rattle Traps and shaky head worms on shore.  Lots of rock bass in the super shallow water.