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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fishing Report May 5th

So pops hasen't been out yet and He said,"I just want to catch fish." Well I was catching them at Oneida so off we went. Weather was dead calm and 73 degrees as we launched.  I drove right over to big bay to get things started and began pitching the roots with a blue black jig.  On the 3rd cast a monster 21 incher hit in 3 fow.  That was followed by a 27 inch walleye on a stickbait at the first point outside of the bay.  We drove around to the hot spot the previous weekend and things had changed.  Water temps were up close to 60 and the water had a stain to it.  The pickerel were not biting as well and the bass were off a little too.  Headed out to pancake reef and found no walleye but did get 3 nice bass.  We then headed up to the river where we caught some on a swimbait including a 20 inch smallmouth.  Hot baits were the stickbait, swimbait, and chatterbait.  Finished the day with both of us catching bass and 2 burbot.  Awesome time.

Fishing Report May 2

Water temps the second day at Oneida were the same as the first and with three people in tow, we needed 53 more fish to hit 100.  We started in out hot spot, where the pickerel were still hungry and the bass were biting too.  Caught them on Stickbaits and craw dad colored square bills.  Made the run to Pancake reef where we going no bass but 3 walleye slammed Stickbaits in 3 fow.  The fish were between 18 and 20 inches.  As we got close to our goal our captain felt a twinge in his stomach.  The 99th fish caugh, his head was on the steering wheel, the 100th, he was flat out in the boat.  Seems the bug came on fast and hard.  Rich spent the rest of the day on the bench seat while myself and David caught fish.  Ended up with 116 in two days.  Took two more for Rich to get right again.  

Monday, May 04, 2015

Fishing Report May 1

Headed out to Oneida lake for a couple day and the weather couldn't be better.  Looking at low to mid 70's both days and water temps in the low 50's.  Rich and I got a bit of a late start and didn't lainch until around 9:30 Friday morning and took off right to big bay to pitch the root balls.  Temps showed 52.5 and the bass didn't seem to be there.  One pass and no bites to speak of.  We flew out if there and headed to the points with our Stickbaits tied on.  We rolled to the "hot spot" from last year and the fish were still there.  Mixed bag of bass and pickerel all over.  A few hours later we picked up David Barber, a true rookie, and took him out where he fished with lures for the first time.  Fish were in the 5-6 fow range all on rock.  We used lots if different lures which all caught fish except the hot bait stayed the stickbait all day.   Ended up with 47 for the day. 2 walleyes, and half bass and pickerel.  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fishing Report April 29

Pulled an early morning trip to Conesus with my good buddy Bill "Husky Jerk" Guenther in tow to try and get some spring time bass.  Water was a surprisingly cool 42.5 when we launched at 6. Headed down to the water tower where I landed the first fish, a small largemouth, on a x rap.  Bill ended up getting one soon after on a stickbait as well.  Ended up catching 4 on the drift and ran to the boathouse where I thing we landed just 1.  Hooked a pike in the butt at the red cottage and bill caught another small bass.  Between the two of us we tried bass jigs, tubes, square bill, grub and drop shot but the stickbait was king.  We didn't land any big ones but brought in 20 for the short time we were there. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fishing Report April 19

Back to Conesus thinking the temps would be way up, dumb, dumb, dumb!!
Launched at 40 degrees and temps only reached 44 by 12:30 when I left. I hit the usual spots with out a bite and than shot over to the water tower to give that a try. I was fishing the sloppy seconds of a bass boat and watched them catch 4.  I'm now very annoyed.  Drove back to the red cottage and finally got a nice 20 inched on a square bill at the side of the boat.  Ran back to the water tower and caught a short one on a x rap.  Walleyes were up sunning themselves in the shallows but not piled in yet. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fishing Report April 15

Solo trip to Conesus turned sour when the graph came on and temps read 38.4.  Not good.  Note to self - go to other lakes until 2 weeks after ice out on Conesus.  Not the first time I've made this mistake.  With the high sun and air temps in the 50's, I decided to stick it out.  I ran from the far north to the far south in search of warmer water.  Found some by the yellow boat house on the north/west shore.  Temps hit 44 there and I was rewarded with my first fish of the year.  Nice 19inch smallmouth took a gold/brown xrap in 5fow.  Made my day.  Let's hope Sunday produces more than 1.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fishing Report April 12

First time in the boat and with Conesus Lake still having some ice on the north end, I decided to try Honeoye to start the year.  Water was cold, as expected, and started at 40.1.  Sun was high and calm so I was hoping the water would warm fast and I could get a bite or two.  I tossed Stickbaits, crawled jigs, rattletraps, amongst other things to no avail.  Fish were right lipped (or freezing). Temp hit 44 once I got off the water.  

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fishing Report March 30

Got a afternoon window to head back to Keuka with Mike, Lou and surprise guest, Botch.  He was there with a buddy and once our house guest left, I headed right there around 1.  Those guys had been fishing in 170fow with a little action.  Botch had a couple on the ice and mike had landed one.  Botch was using a 535 unit that did much better than the flasher in those depths,  I'll have to convert mine.  Lou had to take off around 3 and left without catching one.  I mover holes and while Mike was catching them, I couldn't buy a bite.  Switched to a white tube and the action picked up.  Between 5:30 and 7:30 we landed 5 and lost a couple.  Great last day (maybe) on the hard stuff.