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Monday, September 28, 2015

Fishing report Sept 30

Might be the last time we get the boat out before the baby comes and Renee being a trooper, wanted to go.  Went down with the family to Honeoye where we were faced with high winds and discussting water.  Either mud or algie made fish seeing a lure difficult.  The sun made it difficult for Jackson as his hatred for the ball of heat in the sky continued.  Fished for about 30 min total before the complaining got to me.  Had fun playing the ryming game though.  Caught 1 small bass on a swimbait.  

Fishing report Cayuga Lake

As we prayed the baby wouldn't come on our day of fishing, myself and Rich took his boat and went to try Cayuga for the day.  Weather was high of 76 and light winds.  Water temps were 69 degrees.  We started trying by the island due to a tip from guys at the dock but we  caught nothing after drifting for a while.  We headed down the lake and found fish in 9-13 fow on the weed line.  Caught all largemouth, even in 20 fow.  Ended up catching 13 on lots of different lures, with a 19 inch being the big one of the day.  Great last day before "baby time"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fishing Report Sept 16

Went to Keuka Lake with Mikey for the day.  Got a late start (11am) but didn't need to get back until dark.  Water was 75 degrees and the fishing followed the same pattern that I've been swing lately....slow.  Tried live crabs, dropshot, plastics, and crankbaits.  Fished a lot for lakers and only got follows on the graph in 100 fow.  Ended up with 1 bass, perch and a few rockies.  Still better than working.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fishing Report Sept 12

Real quick to the launch off clover st. Launch is ok, drops of quick.  Water was very stained and fishing was poor.  75 degree water temps. 2 small bass.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fishing Report Aug 23

Family fishing day in the canal out of Midlakes.  Started slow and Jackson insisted on heading to the shade, any shade, due to his pure hatred of the sun. We went to a little spot and I tossed a small hook/worm to catch gobies.  Jackson wanted to hook them up and catch bass.  I think catching them bought us atleast an extra hour on the water because he lived catching them in the live well and dropping them back in.  Renee caught a couple gills along the shore (first bobber experience) until we headed up back to the bridge.  I finally saw some bass chasing bait and caught 2 before it was time to head back in.  

Fishing Report Aug 21

Planned a full day at Oneida, with just me, 12 rods and, dreams of schooling smallmouth.  Unfortunately my dreams came crashing down.  I fished for 13 hours for 3 pickerel, 1 bass, 4 perch and, a burbot.  Brutal day on the water after a nasty cold front, but still nice to get out.  Talked to a few pros and the fishing pressure had be brutal all summer.  Water temps were in the mid 70's.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fishing report Aug 18

For the first time in a long time, Parker Allen made an appearance on a Tuesday to go fishing.  He took the day off but with the amount of calls he took, he should get his vacation time back.  The plan was to go to Cayuga but due to a few factors, we headed to Sodus.  Water temps were pushing 80 in the bay and 72 in the lake. We started out at the breakwall where I've had the majority of my luck this year. I was tossing a swimbait and Parker had on a spinnerbait.  A few hits towards the front but nothing until we got to the middle where  I landed a couple on a crankbait.  The lake was calm so we headed out to the first bluff where there was nothing going on at all.  Popped around the bay and landed a few but ended up back at the wall.  We caught a few more bass and a good pike before a storm pushed us off.  Parker had the bass of the day on but he was shakin it and coulden't get a pic.  Caught about 20 total, which kept us entertained all day.  Good to get my buddy back in the boat.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fishing Report Aug 2

Got a babysitter and headed to Conesus at 3pm on a Sunday, when it's sunny, 86 degrees, in the middle of summer vacation.  Bad idea.  Took 40 min to launch.  After we got out and dodged a few boats, we managed to do some relaxing, and of course fishing.  I ended up catching one pike on the swimbait a and a bass and pike on a crankbait.  We headed to Beach Combers for the first time on West Lake Road.  Docked the boat, listed to some live music, had dinner, and headed back.  Great date.  

Fishing Report Aug 10

Jason and family rented a place on Silver so we drove down for the afternoon to do some boating and fishing with the family.  Weather was a perfect 78 degrees with sun, so Jackson wanted to start out swimming.  The algae was thick in the south end so we headed up north after our swim to do some fishing.  I tied up sankos for everyone and i was using a football jig with a swimbait. First bite was a great northern, pushing 30 inches.  Sara got the next fishbon a Sanko and Jackson ended catching one by leaving the rod sitting on the side of the boat for 20 min.  Great day on the water. 

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Fishing report July 31

Met rich at Honeoye for a quick evening bite with Jackson in tow.  Water was in the low 80's and stained more than I've seen in a while.  Strong storm must have muddied things up.  I worked a swimbait and missed 5, Rich tossed a rattle trap and caught 3, and after some convincing, Jackson through the Sanko and ended up catching two.  He was very pumped.