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Monday, February 23, 2015

Fishing Report Feb 22

Last day of the Pro Am and we headed out at 6am to the southern tip of Newark Island in 30fow.  Slow start to the morning with very few fish on the flasher and none caught.  Mike and Lou went to try a bit shallower and Goose, Pops and I stayed in the same spot.  Around 9 they turned on for us.  We weren't catching huge ones but we managed to put 24 on the ice in a few hours.  The Sanfilippos never found the mother load but brought a few on as well.  Weather was night and day.  Gorgeous morning in the 20's with bright sun and low winds.  Wish every day was like that.  After all was said and done I took 1st place off the rock bass.  Won a new shanty and a bunch of other stuff.  Starting to become a panfish slayer...too bad I can't mirror the same for Perch and Pike.  Maybe next year.

Fishing Report Feb 21

First day if the Pro-Am and we headed just west of LeRoy to fish for Pike while Mike and Lou drove to 3rd creek to try and find perch.  Weather called for great conditions but what we got was terrible at best.  High wind and snow made fishing where Me, Sean, and Jason were next to impossible.  While Jason was taking Sean back, I decided to move everything to north of Le Roy to get out of the wind.  Bad decision...took 7 trips.  After a while I fought with the wind and got everything set up.  Before anyone arrived I was rewarded with my efforts by catching a 10.75 inch, .91lb rock bass.  As soon as the boys got there I was off to weigh it in.  We all set up shallow and caught a few fish but nothing very big.  Around 4, we decided to pack up and fish Madin Lane area...we never made it. In the driving snow, we hit a slush field and for an hour we fought with the snowmobiles from getting stuck.  All three got bogged down multiple time.  Horrible ride back but we made it.  

Fishing Report Feb 20

Woke up in the morning to head out to Sodus to pre fish for the Pro-Am on Sat and Sunday.  Myself and Goose drove out while we waited for Flip, his Dad and Sean.  Weather report - coldest day sense 1974.  Crazy cold wind chills dipping to -35.  Mike had a bunch of stuff happen so we didn't start fishing until 2.  Headed out into deep water but found very few fish.  Quick turnaround and off to the bar we went.  

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Fishing Report Feb 6

Solo trip to Sodus before a storm comes in.  Drag was brutal so I only made it out to 24fow from Maden Lane.  Slow start but the dinks started coming out of the hole fast and furious from 10-12.  Nothing really of size but had fun regardless.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Fishing Report Jan 30

Cold and windy!  Mikey got sick so I did a quick solo mission to I-Bay before work.  Drag was brutal with a 60 pound car battery in tow but I made it to the buoys in 40fow.  Flasher was lit up but only managed 1 perch that I gave to another guy.  Wind blew me off.  Drag was worse on the way back.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fishing Report Jan 25

Early trip to Honeoye with Lou, Mike, Mark and myself in some real cold conditions.  Started at 29 degrees and dropped to the teens by noon.  Drove right to the trench and started spotting big perch right away on the camera.  Caught one nice one on a minnow and they shut right down.  Fished from 6-1:30 and caught 1.  Brutal watching the perch swim right by our baits all day.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fishing Report Jan 23

Family Fishing Day!!  Took Jack out for the second time ever (got skunked the first time) and Renee to Conesus to try and catch some gills.  Weather was sunny and 32 with a stiff breeze out if the south.  We parked ourselves to start on a dead zone.  Nothing at all on the screen. I was feeling a bit discouraged and moved to the spot we were at yesterday. Got the camera set up and parked the boy at the hole and waited.  10 min later a gill showed up and barly mouthed the bait.  Took a couple more fish to taste the bait until Jackson caught his first fish ever through the ice.  It was awesome!!  The next 2 hours were on fire.  He became a pro quick and wouldn't let anyone touch the pole as he caught fish after fish.  Boy ended up with 34 for two hours.  Great day for sure.  Thanks to Bob at Smith Lumber for finding my bucket I left in the parking lot.  Could have ended very badly.

Fishing Report Jan 22

Went out after work with Mike and Lou to Conesus after hearing of the terrible reports from I-Bay and Sodus.  We walked to the left of the point about 800 yards and started in 6fow.  Weeds were up and there were a few gills around but not many.  We moved out a bit deeper and the bite was better but the fish seemed a bit lethargic.  The camera helped a ton to figure out when the fish actually took the bait.  We fished holes almost a mike out with limited success.  Few here and there but nothing on fire.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fishing Report Jan 17

Quick trip to I-Bay with Flip.  Ice was a bit thin at 3 inches but it held up well.  We went out of the yacht club and fished from 7-36fow with 0 fish caught and 0 fish seen on the flasher.  Big skunk fest!!   

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fishing Report Jan 11

Finally had a nice cold spell the last week and we went from open water to 5 inches of black ice in 7 days.  Flip had a sick daughter so Rich and myself made the maden voyage to Sodus to catch whatever was biting.  We walked out from baybridge into 8fow around grass point.  Within 10 min we had a spinning flag and after a good fight, landed a 29 inch pike.  The perch were a bit more elusive  and we managed only a few dinks.  Around 11:30 we packed up and headed to the loop.  We drilled in 28fow and started spotting fish on the flasher but most were small.  I did bring home 2 for Jackson.  Overall a good first day out.