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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sept 9-10

First camping trip for Rich and myself brought us to the new waters of Chaunont Bay.  Been hearing good things as far as the smallmouth fishing in the lake.  Took the three hour drive to the backyard of a nice old lady who for 15 bucks would let us camp there.  Site was actually alright.  Had bathrooms, bar, and a trailer park for entertainment.  Headed out around 11 on Friday and shot out to the tip of the point where rich landed the first keeper...a whopping 1.05lb.  Now there was a steak dinner on the line for the heavest 5 fish, so this was a ok start for Rich. However, who would have thought that that 1.05lb minnow would still be leading into day two.  I was totally skunked on bass and only was able to feel the slight bite of a fish by dragging a spinner rig and landing two tiny perch.  Fishing was tough.  Worked the bay when we were blown off the lake and we couldn't get one bite.  
Went out next day to the smaller of the two islands where I caught a 4.14 smallmouth on a rattle trap.  Wind started up and we got pounded heading into the shore of another island.  I tossed out a tube and caught about 4 pounder.  Other than a baby perch bite the wind blew us off by 2pm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aug 24

Quick trip away from the kids to Honeoye.  Water temps were in the mid 70's and the algae was thick.  Renee lead the way with a "special" on a sanko but I tied her with a 14 incher in a Texas rigged craw a short time later.  Time flew out there and before we knew it, it was time to pay the sitter!

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Aug 3

Quick trip with the wife to the canal while a babysitter watched the kidos.  Water temps were 81 and even though Renee enjoyed the sun more than the fishing but she sure seemed happy to get out of the house for a while. I managed 1 keeper at 2.1lb on a swimbait.  Bass were busting under the bridge but I could only get short largemouth to hit.

Friday, July 29, 2016

July 28

It's been a long time sense I've been fishing due to the kitchen remodel but I had to get the boat out of storage and it so happened to be st Sodus, so an after work trip was due.  Water was just shy of 80 degrees and the water was down about 6 inches.  I've decided to start keeping track by weight of my 5 keeper bass, so here we go:  2.7 on a spinnerbait, 1.9 on a swimbait, and a 1.4 on a crankbait.  Grand total of 6lb. Caught 4 other short ones on the wall and a rockbass.  

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 2

Haven't had the boat out in a while with the kitchen remodel going on but I found an hour to turn the key and take her for a spin.  Boat has been at Sodus Marina since June but it was looking in pretty good shape once I got the cover off.  Launched and she started quick.  Wind was out of the west and water temps were in the 70's.  Got a nice hit off the wall but that was about it for the 20 casts I made.  Let's hope I get her out again soon.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 22

My wonderful parents watched Easton, so just like the good old days, Jackson, Renee and myself headed to Honeoye for a couple hours of fishing.  I grabbed a dozen worms for Jackson, and headed right for the ranch where he caught a bunch of gills last year. First cast and the bobber was down.  Jack reeled in fish after fish, including a huge gill, for about an hour.  After that he wanted to step up his game and try for bass.  They were not as kind.  I caught about 5 on tubes and Renee got a couple hits on a crankbait, but that was about it.  Overall great day.  Water temps were 60.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

May 11

Took the day off and went to Oneida with Mikey.  I was hoping for some great fishing but conditions ended up being tougher than I expected.  High sun, calm, and mid 70's made it a joy to be on the water but it put the fish in an off mood. We left at 6 and launched just before 8 to light winds and 54 degree water.  I headed to the marina and caught 4 smallmouth on a squarebill pretty fast.  I figured that would be the program for the day but 3 hours later and still stuck on 5 fish (Mike landed a pickerel) I wasn't so sure what was going on.  We ran all over and ended up making into the river where I could start to see that the bass were starting to get on the beds.  We caught a few of them and as we got out into the lake, the bass were on the beds but hard to catch.  They took off faster than I could get a lure in there.  Water ended up at 63 by the time we left.  Day was ok but not great for Oneida.  Probably 20 total for the boat.  Alway a good time with Mikey.