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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fishing Report Nov 16

Last day for the boat to be out .  Pops and myself braved the cold and shot down to Conesus for a few hours.  We arrived to a ghost town, not 1 car in the lot.  After 5 tense minutes of trying to get the motor to turn over, she finally came to life and we were on our way. Water temps were 45/46?all over and the thicker weeds were still up.  We quickly realized that fishing in 15mph winds when it's 30 degrees outside is a bad idea.  We ended up with 0 fish for 2 hours but had a good time getting cold.  I would do it again. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hunting Report Nov 7-9

Myself and Botch made the trip down to Kim 's for the third year for the last full weekend of bow.  Weather was rough on Friday with wind/rain/snow but we arrived around 10 and headed right out to set up stands.  Botch put a hangon over the hill around a bunch of scrapes and I put up the new climber 30 yards into the woods from Kim's food plot.  That evening we went out and I sat in Rick's scary stand, Botch in his hang on.  Botch saw a few deer including a 8 point and I saw 1 doe right before dark.  The next morning, the weather was cold but rain free.  I was in the climber, Botch in his stand.  He keeps seeing deer and I only saw a spike.  That night I sat back in the scary stand and had a real issue pulling back on a doe.  Seems I need to workout a bit more because I pulled a mucle in my back trying to pull 68lb.  Not good.  Next morning I sat in the doe stand in a field and had a doe come in being chased by a small 4 point.  She stopped 8 yards away and I put an arrow in her.  She didn't run at all.  Piled up right there.  Botch passed on an 5 point.  Till next year.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Hunting Report Nov 2

Rough night led to a rough morning in the stand.  I went out to the swamp but with my stomach troubles, the deer winded me pretty quick.  I felt bad the 4 doe and 1 buck had to suffer through that!  

Monday, November 03, 2014

Hunting report Oct 29

Back to Norm's but in the top tree stand this time.  Got there a little early and had to wait a couple hours to see my first deer.  It was a small buck that popped out under the power lines.  I have it a couple grunts but he disappeared back into the thicket.  About 30 min later Goose have me a little push as he blasted his horn coming back from work.  I got a good laugh out of it and as I was looking around, 2 bucks popped out around the same spot as the first (good push).  To my left a small doe cam out of the corn.  So I got 2 to my right and 1 to my left.  I began to call to the bucks with little reaction until I hit a tone they liked.  The one buck came charging!  He covered 180 yards on 30 seconds and ended under my stand.  He wasen't big but my legs were still shaking like crazy.  Eventually he walked away and I watched  deer run around for a little bit.  Right before dark another buck came out from my left and after using the grunt tube it came right over.  It was a 4 point but decided to try a shot.  I drew back but it was looking right at me, pin in his chest.  I held back as long as I could and as he finally turned, shot.  I felt like it was a good shot but I must have hit all bone because the arrow was blood free but the bladed were a mess.  I saw 8 deer for a great night.  Just needed a better shot.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hunting report Oct 24

Late hunt at Norm's.  Thanks Bill for convincing me to go.  I saw 10 deer all over the place.  4 bucks and 6 doe.  Tons of action but nothing would get close enough for a shot until dark.  Need a new decoy.  I must be turning soft because right at dusk, I had a doe with 3 fawns at 38 yards and passed.  Shot wasn't great and I just felt kinda bad.  I'll try again next Wednesday.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hunting Report Oct 18

I went down to hunt Richies new land and check out the new house.  Par for the course, we told stories and drank to much Friday night.  Saturday morning came quick but we woke to a soaking rain.  The rain let up about an hour later, so we got dressed and decided to still hunt... In the rain.  We walked up to a field and spotted a doe in the middle.  I did a fawn bleat but she was not interested.  Walked the boarder of the property and CSM back to the field to see a buck, doe and a fawn.  Tube failed me again.  I guess we have another story to tell next year.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hunting Report October 12

Colby got one!!  Went out on a chilly 33 degree morning with Colby in the hardwood and me in the swamp.  Had some coyote action early, first chasing a rabbit under Colby, then chasing a fawn under me.  Tried to shoot but got busted.  I ended up passing on a spike but Colby put a perfect shot into a nice 5 point at 7:30am.  Good work.