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Monday, July 11, 2016

July 2

Haven't had the boat out in a while with the kitchen remodel going on but I found an hour to turn the key and take her for a spin.  Boat has been at Sodus Marina since June but it was looking in pretty good shape once I got the cover off.  Launched and she started quick.  Wind was out of the west and water temps were in the 70's.  Got a nice hit off the wall but that was about it for the 20 casts I made.  Let's hope I get her out again soon.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 22

My wonderful parents watched Easton, so just like the good old days, Jackson, Renee and myself headed to Honeoye for a couple hours of fishing.  I grabbed a dozen worms for Jackson, and headed right for the ranch where he caught a bunch of gills last year. First cast and the bobber was down.  Jack reeled in fish after fish, including a huge gill, for about an hour.  After that he wanted to step up his game and try for bass.  They were not as kind.  I caught about 5 on tubes and Renee got a couple hits on a crankbait, but that was about it.  Overall great day.  Water temps were 60.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

May 11

Took the day off and went to Oneida with Mikey.  I was hoping for some great fishing but conditions ended up being tougher than I expected.  High sun, calm, and mid 70's made it a joy to be on the water but it put the fish in an off mood. We left at 6 and launched just before 8 to light winds and 54 degree water.  I headed to the marina and caught 4 smallmouth on a squarebill pretty fast.  I figured that would be the program for the day but 3 hours later and still stuck on 5 fish (Mike landed a pickerel) I wasn't so sure what was going on.  We ran all over and ended up making into the river where I could start to see that the bass were starting to get on the beds.  We caught a few of them and as we got out into the lake, the bass were on the beds but hard to catch.  They took off faster than I could get a lure in there.  Water ended up at 63 by the time we left.  Day was ok but not great for Oneida.  Probably 20 total for the boat.  Alway a good time with Mikey.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27

Tough day at work deserves a little fishing time.  Launched at 5:30 with my buddy Mike for his first time in the boat and his first time fishing with me.  Water at Conesus was 48-50 degrees and had a slight stain from the rain yesterday.  The sun had fish pushed up shallow but they were spooky and hard to catch.  We switched lures a lot and caught 13 on a mixed bag of baits.  I landed 4 pike and 2 bass all on swimbaits, a couple bass on tubes, 1 on a stickbait and 2 on a small crainkbait. Mike caught some on a stickbait but the big dog of the day and the biggest of his life, came on a small crayfish colored squarebill in 3fow.  Great evening out and hopefully more to come.  Click an ad Mike😀

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 9-10

Took Jackson on his first "fishing trip" to Oneida where Bill and my Dad had a cottage rented for the week.  Unfortunately the weather was not on our side as record cold moved in.  Friday's 20mph wind made the 30 degree temps feel like 20.  Never made it in the boat but Jackson had a blast playing with a campfire and cooking hotdogs.  The next morning, the wind died down but temps were in the high teens.  Went to a great local diner for a huge breakfast and then geared up for a boat ride.  That lasted all of 20 min.  Made a few casts but someone had fire on his mind and he made me light one at 10am.  Played with that for a while until Bill and Pops got back from Gander.  Got Bill to go in the boat and we made a cold run to Big Bay.  Only made a few casts but managed 2 slime darts on a Mega.  
Even though we didn't fish much, Jackson had a blast.  The gummy worms, phone, connect 4, and teaching Pappa chess, was more than entertaining for a 5 year old.  Good luck the rest of the week boys.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30

Took the afternoon off from work to take Jackson out for the first time this year.  We headed to Sodus on the one nice day   we have had amongst a few cold ones.  I was hoping for a perch bite so I grabbed some minnows, Doritos, M&M's, and some juice boxes and headed to the Rt.14 launch with visions of boiling perch behind Leroy.  On the way there the flags were whipping pretty good out of the south which got me a bit worried.  Once we got to the launch there were white caps hitting the shore so the launching of the boat was tricky but Jack hung tough and we made it out.  Water was 40/41 and I needed to get out of the wind, so we hunckered down and powered our way to Leroy.  Tossed on a couple minnows and waited until the first bobber went down.  I thought a perch for sure but instead was a nice bull gill.  Seems like the perch bite was not happening as we landed another one.  Started throwing Megabass and caught 3 bass (Jackson reeled them in like a champ) and he wanted to toss one too.  Tied on a xrap for the first time and he did great.  He's going to be a pro.  Highlight of the day was a nice pike anout 28 inches that hit Megabass.  Jackson thought it was the best thing ever.  Had a blast eating junk food and catching a few fish with my boy.  Think he's hooked!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26

What a eventful first day out!  Rich dropped the boat off yesterday so we could work on them together before our first outing of the year.  New batteries for Rich's boat were put in after a couple hiccups and both boats started, so off we went to Conesus.  Weather was sunny but in the mid 40's as we headed down 390 on the way to the lake.  All of a sudden in my rear view, I see something black fly behind Rich's boat and he pull over.  Trailer tire explosion.  I did a turn around and parked behind him.  Tire was shredded.  It took 2 jacks and some ingenuity to get the new tire on but low and behold, the spare was looking pretty flat too.  Quick call to AAA and an air compressor and we were on our way.  Water was 38 in my boat and Rich was showing 41.  Bite was soft but fish were hitting the Megabass 110 in sexy shad color.  Not much else was working.  I ended up with 11, biggest being a 20 inch smallmouth.  Rich caught 2 but had a bunch of misses and short strikes.  After the tire fiasco, the day ended up better than we thought.