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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fishing Report July 24

Took Bella, Biship, and the rest of the family to Honeoye to have a little beach/fishing day.  Bella had all the luck with the first cast producing her first ever bass!  Next were the boys, who tag teamed a largemouth on a Sanko.  Last to bat was a 7 month pregnate Renee, who pulled a bass out of 14 fow on a Sanko.  Great day of driving around and fishing.  

Fishing Report LOTW July 15-18

Weather remained warm with some good wind in the morning and dead calm by 11.  Fish really turned on Thurs and Friday as I cut the lead down to 20 fish with a 85 fish day.  Bill and botch maintained with 50 and 61 on Thursday.  Unfortunately back trolling was the norm with Boobs being the hot spot.  That location produced 2 29 1/2, 2 28, 30 1/2, and multiple 25-27 inch fish.  Week ended strong with one if the higest totals ever.  1515 for six guys!  Botch and Bill broke 300 and I was close with 295.  Crazy week.  2 Muskies, 30 1/2 walleye, 37 inch pike, and 312 fish was the most. Probably saw 10 Muskies for the week.  Once again walleye pops were the hot bait for walleye and a top raider and bulldog took the Muskies.  Can't wait until next year!  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fishing Report LOTW July 10-14

Got to Randy's with Hollywood, Dutch, Botch, Stormy, Husky, and myself for a week of fishing, drinking and fun.  Water temps are as high as we have seen. 72 in the main lake and 80 in the bays.  Pretty good fishing so far with most being caught on walleye pops and some bass on shore.  Great day today with bill.  Caught my biggest walleye ever (30 1/2) on Boobs with a rig.  Castes a bunch for Muskies in the morning and raised 4.  2 were monsters but lazy.  Finally at the end of the day, bill caught a beautiful 41 incher to tie me up at 27 off the point right in front of camp.  Sweet day. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fishing Report June 24

Went down to the canal for the first time this year with Rich and Jackson.  Had 4 rods out but no carp seemed to be hungry.  Bullhead were hitting about 30 yards out and Jackson brought in two of them.  Did it all by himself.  Proud daddy. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fishing Report June 20

Family fishing day at the canal!  Went out around 9:30am to the launch in Macedon and went up to the lock to start fishing.  Recent rains made the water very muddy and warm (74).  Started to make are way back when the motor decided to not shift into forward.  Kept messing with it but had no idea what was wrong.  Then I pulled the motor up to see Jacksond "anchor" wrapped around the prop.  Had to cut the now extremely tight rope and make our way to shore to unwrap it.  Back in business.  Ended up catching a couple largemouth on a chatterbait and a smallmouth on a dropshot.  Highlight was  Jackson casting and using a spinning rod for the first time all by himself.  Officially retiring the Avengers rod for good.  Good stuff.

Fishing report June 17th

Hit up Sodus with Rich for a while.  Water temps in the bay were 68-70 and the lake was 64.  Fished around the bay and only caught 6, mostly around docks.  Most of the action was around the walls with swimbaits and crankbaits.  Caught bass inside both sides and on the outside of the wall towards the bluffs.  

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Fishing Report June 3

Jason showed up at the cottage ready to spend the day chasing bass with me!  We loaded the boat with a few beer and snacks and headed out.  Boat had a minor overheating issue which magically fixed itself, so we were back in business, heading to the rock point.  I started with a chatterbait and I put a Sanko on for Goose.  We were landing bass here and there while we made our way up the the lake.  Think we had a total of 7 by the time we got to the coast guard station.  I tossed a jig in the corner and caught one which had 4 following it.  Jason tossed back and landed one too.  We moved to the channel wall on the other side and there we found a bunch.  Jason was catching them on a Sanko and I was issuing a football head jig and on 3 drifts we landed 10.  Left there fished all around and with 2 hours left we went to try the wall again.  What a bunch of picky fish!  I had on a 5 inch swimbait that was crushing bass on almost every cast while Jason was trying everything with limited results.  I ended up tying my lure on his line and he started out fishing me.  One if the best drifts of all time....multiple 17 inch bass, 1 20 incher, and my first Sodus Bay walleye.  Jason even lost a monster burbot at the boat.  Crazy day.  62 degree water under bright sun.  58 - 65 outside. 

Friday, June 05, 2015

Fishing Report June 2

Went to the cottage Bill and my dad rented on Leroy Island.  Smaller than the last one but still a nice place.  It was shallow at the end of the dock but the boat still made it without a problem.  Caught the first bass on a chatterbait the Jack helped reel in but we started the real fishing around 7pm after the family left. After the cold weather we had over the last 2 pervious days, it was nice to be out.  I pretty much stayed behind Leroy pitching docks in the 62 degree water and had a blast.  I ended up pinning 12 good bass on a creature craw in all under 8fow.  There seemed to be one at the end of most docks as long as the were low to the water.  Pops and Bill were around the corner in 9-12 fow dragging sankos and were doing good as well.  Bill had a big 19 incher and my dad had a few too.  Fished until 9. Only 2 on the grass from in the pads but Jack did get his first top water bite.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Fishing report May 24

Memorial Day weekend and after a noon tee ball game Rich meet me at my house and we headed down to Conesus for an afternoon bite.  As expected the launch was very busy, but we got out within 15 min and started casting at the hotel.  With was blowing N NW at 20 so keeping the boat in position was challenging but I landed 2 smaller bass on a craw colored square bill before we pulled the plug and drove to the west side.  Water temps were 62/63 all over and we spotted big smallies bedded up, but with the stained water, fishing for them as tough.  I stared tossing a football head jig with a craw tailer and that was the hit bait of the day.  Dragging it in 3-5fow caught a bunch of largemouth but the biggest of the day was on a swimbait.  The fishing Gods were mean to Rich this day.  He last a sweet looking Tiger musky when it hit his crankbait at the boat and quickly broke the line.  He lost a nice bass on his new weedless Sanko hook bit still managed a few on the square bill.  Nothing on topwater except for 1 hit Rich had. Sodus is next on the list.