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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hunting Report Oct 18

I went down to hunt Richies new land and check out the new house.  Par for the course, we told stories and drank to much Friday night.  Saturday morning came quick but we woke to a soaking rain.  The rain let up about an hour later, so we got dressed and decided to still hunt... In the rain.  We walked up to a field and spotted a doe in the middle.  I did a fawn bleat but she was not interested.  Walked the boarder of the property and CSM back to the field to see a buck, doe and a fawn.  Tube failed me again.  I guess we have another story to tell next year.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hunting Report October 12

Colby got one!!  Went out on a chilly 33 degree morning with Colby in the hardwood and me in the swamp.  Had some coyote action early, first chasing a rabbit under Colby, then chasing a fawn under me.  Tried to shoot but got busted.  I ended up passing on a spike but Colby put a perfect shot into a nice 5 point at 7:30am.  Good work.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Hunting Report Oct 5

Back to the swamp with Jason after a little convincing and the weather was much different that the opener.  Up at 5am and the air was a crisp 39 degrees on the ride to LeRoy.  I got there at 6 and Jason wasn't far behing.  He took the ladder stand in the swamp and I took the hardwoods.  All was quiet until around 7:30 when a small buck walked across the opening at 40 yards.  I have him a grunt but he didn't turn and I wasnt going to shoot.  At 7:45 my phone started blowing up when 4 doe popped out in the swamp.  They were a little far for Goose to shoot at but the one that came from right under his stand wasn't.  Unfortunately his heart was thumping a little too hard for his first attempt with  a bow and his 20 yard shot was low.  Lot of anger and sadness would follow. He had all the action this morning when another deer cam out from the same spot but didn't present a shot.  Good second day out. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hunting Report Oct 1

Opening Day and I got Jason "Goose" Kota to pick up a bow and join me in the swamp.  Before we went, we did have our annual shoot out in his back yard which I always enjoy.  The weather was warm in the low to mid 70's and the wind was out of the North at 5-10.  Jason sat in the big stand and I was in the ladder stand scanning the swamp.  No movement at all until this happens... 

Very funny stuff.  Ended up being a doe and fawn which we were passing on anyway.  Good opening day for sure.

Fishing Report Sept 28

Went out in Rich's boat for a couple hours with Jack in tow.  Water temps were in the mid 60's and fishing was slow.  Rich caught 2 under docks, I had a pickerel bite me off and Jack hid from the sun.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fishing Report Sept 19

Quick trip to the Canal to fish for a few hours to fish and fix the trailer.  Fish were not busting this time in the 61 degree water but I managed a smallmouth, largemouth, pike and a perch on swimbaits.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fishing Report Sept 12/13

Headed out to Sodus Saturday afternoon to meet Pops and Bill Gray at their rented cottage to fish the evening and the next day.  Weather turned awful as I drove through a storm the entire way and launched in 40 mph winds around 4.! We jumped in the boats and battled the north wind for a couple hours.  Bill and my dad caught a couple and I missed two but ended up skunked for the evening.  Air temps were in the 50's. And water temps were in the mid to lower 60's.  We're called it a night after dinner at Connelly's and a few pops.  The next morning I got up early and headed out as the kid guys slept in.  Made my first cast at 6:15 in a still prevalent north wind and temps in the low 40's.  Kinda froze my ass off.  Started off the point with a swimbait and landed a small largemouth in 5fow.  Headed over to the state launch and caught none on shore but pulled out to 9 to 11 fow and caught 2 on a crankbait.  Fished around for a while and had a hard time finding anything.  Around 10 the boys finally made it out and I had made my way to the back side of Eagle.  I had been wanting to try the "hole" between Leroy and Newark so I headed over to 19fow and started with a jigging spoon.  Very quickly I had landed 2 on the silver spoon.  Nothing big but both in the. 14inch range.  I drifted the spot about 8 times and landed 9 fish on tubes, dropshot, and spoon.  Saved the day.  Renee and an eager Jack came out for dinner and Jack landed a few off the dock and Mommy kicked our asses by landing (Jack reeled) two bass on a dropshot in 10 min at the same spot.  

Monday, September 01, 2014

Fishing Report Sept 1

Went back to the canal in Macedon with Renee and Jackson.  Sun was bright and air temps were in the mid 80's which Jack was not a fan of.  The kid hates the sun (just like daddy).  We parked under the bridge in the shade and I hooked up with a nice smallie on a tube jig on the first cast, Jack reeled it in like a pro. Renee was next with another bass on a swimbait. The fish slowed down and I let Jack drive the boat west until we found another shady spot.  I tied on an Alabama rig to try to catch the busting bass but only managed 1 hit.  I did catch a couple gobys on a small peice of worm and dropped them in the live well for bait.  We ran back up under the bridge and I tied a goby up for Jack. With in a couple min the bobber shot down and he brought in the biggest of the day.  Great time and 5 fish for an hour of work.