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Monday, April 20, 2015

Fishing Report April 19

Back to Conesus thinking the temps would be way up, dumb, dumb, dumb!!
Launched at 40 degrees and temps only reached 44 by 12:30 when I left. I hit the usual spots with out a bite and than shot over to the water tower to give that a try. I was fishing the sloppy seconds of a bass boat and watched them catch 4.  I'm now very annoyed.  Drove back to the red cottage and finally got a nice 20 inched on a square bill at the side of the boat.  Ran back to the water tower and caught a short one on a x rap.  Walleyes were up sunning themselves in the shallows but not piled in yet. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fishing Report April 15

Solo trip to Conesus turned sour when the graph came on and temps read 38.4.  Not good.  Note to self - go to other lakes until 2 weeks after ice out on Conesus.  Not the first time I've made this mistake.  With the high sun and air temps in the 50's, I decided to stick it out.  I ran from the far north to the far south in search of warmer water.  Found some by the yellow boat house on the north/west shore.  Temps hit 44 there and I was rewarded with my first fish of the year.  Nice 19inch smallmouth took a gold/brown xrap in 5fow.  Made my day.  Let's hope Sunday produces more than 1.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fishing Report April 12

First time in the boat and with Conesus Lake still having some ice on the north end, I decided to try Honeoye to start the year.  Water was cold, as expected, and started at 40.1.  Sun was high and calm so I was hoping the water would warm fast and I could get a bite or two.  I tossed Stickbaits, crawled jigs, rattletraps, amongst other things to no avail.  Fish were right lipped (or freezing). Temp hit 44 once I got off the water.  

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fishing Report March 30

Got a afternoon window to head back to Keuka with Mike, Lou and surprise guest, Botch.  He was there with a buddy and once our house guest left, I headed right there around 1.  Those guys had been fishing in 170fow with a little action.  Botch had a couple on the ice and mike had landed one.  Botch was using a 535 unit that did much better than the flasher in those depths,  I'll have to convert mine.  Lou had to take off around 3 and left without catching one.  I mover holes and while Mike was catching them, I couldn't buy a bite.  Switched to a white tube and the action picked up.  Between 5:30 and 7:30 we landed 5 and lost a couple.  Great last day (maybe) on the hard stuff.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fishing Report March 10

Finally got out with just Mike on what was supposed to be a beautiful March day.  We went against the desire to perch fish at Sodus and instead went to chase lake trout on Keuka, a first for both of us.  Mike was clearly excited as I looked out my window at 4:30am and he was already parked at the end of my driveway.  With the gear packed up by 5, we were on our way.  We got to the launch around 6 and were surprised to see a bunch of other guys getting ready too.  Seems like it was a popular place for a Tuesday morning.  We started in 170fow and within 10 min Mike got a hit. Another 10 passed and he got another, and another.  The fish were short striking a white tube and not touching my spoon , so I made the switch to a white buck tail.  Finally landed our first one on the buck tail around 8:40 and we were pumped.  The spot seemed to slow down so we moved closer to the group of guys and caught 2 more but the bite was real slow.  Around noon we made the call to get away from the crowd and drove .5 of a mile down the lake, still in 170fow.  I switched to a 4 inch white grub on a 3/8oz jig head and this seemed to be the ticket.  Over the next few hours we landed 12 lakers all on the same spot.  A couple grabed a minnow and almost took my rod in the water but all the rest came off the white grub.  Awesome day on the water.  Can't wait another 10 years for Keuka to freeze again.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Fishing Report March 6

Zero degrees this morning when I went to Sodus before work for a couple hours, but the new single man shanty stayed nice and warm.  All it needed was a little heater and I was sweating buckets in there, but the fishing was not so hot.  Went off the loop in 24 and then 32fow but all that was biting were dinks.  Brought home 3 for Jackson but nothing real exciting.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fishing Report Feb 22

Last day of the Pro Am and we headed out at 6am to the southern tip of Newark Island in 30fow.  Slow start to the morning with very few fish on the flasher and none caught.  Mike and Lou went to try a bit shallower and Goose, Pops and I stayed in the same spot.  Around 9 they turned on for us.  We weren't catching huge ones but we managed to put 24 on the ice in a few hours.  The Sanfilippos never found the mother load but brought a few on as well.  Weather was night and day.  Gorgeous morning in the 20's with bright sun and low winds.  Wish every day was like that.  After all was said and done I took 1st place off the rock bass.  Won a new shanty and a bunch of other stuff.  Starting to become a panfish slayer...too bad I can't mirror the same for Perch and Pike.  Maybe next year.

Fishing Report Feb 21

First day if the Pro-Am and we headed just west of LeRoy to fish for Pike while Mike and Lou drove to 3rd creek to try and find perch.  Weather called for great conditions but what we got was terrible at best.  High wind and snow made fishing where Me, Sean, and Jason were next to impossible.  While Jason was taking Sean back, I decided to move everything to north of Le Roy to get out of the wind.  Bad decision...took 7 trips.  After a while I fought with the wind and got everything set up.  Before anyone arrived I was rewarded with my efforts by catching a 10.75 inch, .91lb rock bass.  As soon as the boys got there I was off to weigh it in.  We all set up shallow and caught a few fish but nothing very big.  Around 4, we decided to pack up and fish Madin Lane area...we never made it. In the driving snow, we hit a slush field and for an hour we fought with the snowmobiles from getting stuck.  All three got bogged down multiple time.  Horrible ride back but we made it.  

Fishing Report Feb 20

Woke up in the morning to head out to Sodus to pre fish for the Pro-Am on Sat and Sunday.  Myself and Goose drove out while we waited for Flip, his Dad and Sean.  Weather report - coldest day sense 1974.  Crazy cold wind chills dipping to -35.  Mike had a bunch of stuff happen so we didn't start fishing until 2.  Headed out into deep water but found very few fish.  Quick turnaround and off to the bar we went.